Careers Through Faith

Integrating Your Career, Faith and Life

Job Coaching and Career Discernment from a Christian Perspective


The following presentations are available upon request.

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    One-Hour Presentation

Discovering God’s Plan for Optimizing Your Career and Job Search

This presentation focuses on identifying your marketable skills and abilities as they relate to your sense of purpose and therefore better aligning who you are with what you do.

    One-Day Workshop

Integrating Your Career, Life and Faith

Three out of four people do not connect with the work they do. More importantly, they may not be doing work aligned with God’s plan for their life. This mismatch results in a loss of productivity and purpose both individually and collectively.

This workshop offers career discernment insight through identifying one’s S.A.I.N.T. (Skills, Abilities, Interests and Natural Talents), as well as in-depth job coaching within a Christian faith perspective.

Presenter: Nick Synko – Bio