Careers Through Faith

Integrating Your Career, Faith and Life

Job Coaching and Career Discernment from a Christian Perspective

James L. Ryder

“This seminar connects our vision, passions, dreams, and our true selves with the real world.”

Stephen Johnson

“Great Class!  I would recommend this class to anyone.”

David Marshall

“Careers Through Faith Workshop was a personally affirming day of encouraging empowerment.”

Karen Kozkowski

“CTF is the second place you should go when you find yourself in a job/career changing situation. The first place you should go is to the Lord in prayer. CTF has been invaluable in helping me discover my skills and talents as well as who I am.”

Victor J. Torok Jr.

“I highly recommend the CTF Program to anyone in the midst of a job/career transition. Although it is set in a seminar format, you need not be afraid of the group interaction. Very low key without pressure. You’ll do fine!”

Heather Harding

“The CTF one day session was a very eye-opening experience for me. It helped me recognize that I was given talents from God that are meant to be utilized and I’m excited to follow His path!”

Shane Kelly

“With faith, you always have options.”

Richard Kirkwood

“Today I learned that in order to understand your purpose/mission, you must first explore and understand yourself.”

Elizabeth Busch