Careers Through Faith

Integrating Your Career, Faith and Life

Job Coaching and Career Discernment from a Christian Perspective


Careers Through Faith (CTF) is a non-profit organization that offers job coaching and career discernment from a Christian perspective.

CTF is founded on Matthew 25:14-30, the Parable of the Talents. In this parable, Jesus explains how each of us is gifted with a unique set of talents for which we are accountable.

CTF is all about self-discovery. We help individuals define and deploy their talents in today’s world by providing straightforward, process oriented programs where they learn career discernment from a faith-based perspective. Participants are taught how to achieve their goals using street-smart job search strategies, resume writing, networking, and interviewing skills.

This self-discovery builds upon the interrelationship of the following three factors:

The first factor helps people discover their inner SAINTStrengths, Abilities, Interests, and Natural Talents through our programs and counseling services.

The second factor is the discovery of their mission and purpose. We believe everyone has a responsibility to serve God, fulfill their purpose in life, and leave a legacy. CTF helps people accomplish these often-difficult tasks.

The third factor is securing a sustainable income. People can only keep using their SAINT and advancing their mission if they have a sustainable income. We show them how.

The interweaving of these factors brings far more meaning, fulfillment, and contribution to a person’s life. We believe this is God’s Call on every individual.

Paul Rzepka