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Scholarship Opportunities

You can help un- and under-employed individuals access faith-based career guidance through our seminars, coaching and resources. Please consider how your tax deductible gift might help change a life forever.
$100provides a person who cannot afford coaching a complete coaching session
$250provides person who cannot afford coaching a resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile and information on today’s search and application processes
$500provides all of the above plus time spent with him/her searching job opportunities and working with him/her to apply to numerous jobs
$1000provides all of the above plus being available to them for three-months of multiple do whatever-it-takes coaching including multiple sessions of interview coaching

Thank you for your interest in the Careers Through Faith (CTF) ministry. We are a non-profit, career transition organization that, over the past 20 years, has developed and implemented a process to help people integrate their career, faith and life.

Three out of four people do not connect with the work they do. More importantly, they are not doing the work God designed them to do and have no clue as to how to identify what that is. This mismatch results in a loss of productivity both individually and collectively.

You may have personally experienced being the right person in the right job at the right time and have reaped the rewards emotionally, spiritually and economically. Likewise, you most likely know people who are not in a career that best suits their talents and have seen the struggle that results.

The mission of CTF is to help individuals identify their unique God-given talents and purpose, moving them toward a career that provides a sustainable income. Careers Through Faith programs instill clarity, confidence, and hope – replacing fear with faith.

CTF is all about self-discovery. We help individuals define and deploy their talents in today’s world by providing a straightforward, process oriented program where they learn career discernment from a faith-based perspective. Participants are then taught how to achieve their goals using street-smart job search strategies, resume writing, networking and interviewing skills.

Over the years, the value and need for this unique ministry has become increasingly evident. We need your financial support to continue to serve the growing number of people who are seeking to integrate their career, faith and life.

We sincerely thank you for your prayerful consideration.

Nick Synko

Marty Bodnar
Marty Bodnar
Board President

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Your donation is tax deductible. Careers Through Faith is a registered 501(c) (3) non-profit organization. Please call us with regard to any non-monetary gifts such as financial securities, goods, or real property.

Thank you for deciding to support the Careers Through Faith ministry and for being someone who chooses “to make a difference.”

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